Who am I?

Hi, my name is Renato Hysa and I love open source and teaching others.

Currently I am working full-time on my e-learning platform (Devlob) and Dicula.

I have courses on TDD, API development, Laravel, VueJS, and Design Patterns in PHP.

Programming is not simply my job, it is my PASSION! I don't write code just to make things work, no! I always follow principles, design patterns and use testing. My code is my creation and I take care of it!

I also love writing on blogs. I used to write on Medium. Currently I have 170.000 views on all my posts. However, now I write everything on my blog.

I love quality and hate quantity. I make sure to provide the best possible experience, doesn't matter if it is work for a client, an online course or a blog post!

I also have a YouTube channel with over 21K subscribers with tutorials on Laravel and VueJS. The tutorials rank at the top on YouTube, you can search for Laravel 5.8 for example and my video is #1. On YouTube I have more courses, but most of them are outdated.


You can view my resume here.


Renato Hysa

Mobile: +355676416277

Email: renato@devlob.com