# Who am I?

Hi, my name is Renato Hysa and I love open source and teaching others.

I have courses on TDD, API development, Laravel, VueJS, Design Patterns in PHP, and Create a PHP framework from scratch.

Create a PHP framework from scratch is the course I am most proud of 😄.

Check my courses on screencasts.dev and on YouTube channel with over 22K subscribers and don't forget my GitHub page.

Programming is not simply my job, it is my PASSION! I don't write code just to make things work, no! I always follow principles, design patterns and use testing. My code is my creation and I take care of it!

I also love writing on programming topics. I used to write on Medium. Currently I have more than 200.000 views on all my posts. However, now I write everything on my blog.

I love quality and hate quantity. I make sure to provide the best possible experience, doesn't matter if it is work for a client, an online course or a blog post!

# Contact

Renato Hysa

Email: renato@devlob.com

Last Updated: 6/17/2020, 11:26:21 PM